Glynis Sutherland



My eldest son, Scott, was a super active and energetic little boy. We moved to a new school, and I was looking for activities that would help him to burn some energy. One of the mums at school had worked in the Netherlands, and she recommended a brilliant programme there called The Little Gym. She was glowing when she talked about the way her children had fun and let off steam while learning listening skills, physical skills, teamwork and much more. It sounded amazing.


We were thrilled to find a The Little Gym not far from where we lived. We arranged a trial for our two sons, Robin and Scott, when they were three and five years old. We were “wowed” as soon as we walked through the door. The staff were eagerly waiting, and they welcomed us by name. They guided the children into their classes and paid them incredible personal attention. The children had an absolute blast while we had a cup of coffee and watched them having fun. There were grins all around, and we were hooked!


I really loved that our boys had no idea that they were learning so much. The Little Gym’s curriculum is incredibly sophisticated, but subtle at the same time. They weren’t just learning gymnastics, they were learning how to follow instructions, how to listen, how to work in a team and even how to count. We noticed a difference almost immediately – our kids were more engaged, listened better, and they were physically stronger. Their teachers noticed it too.


The boys’ confidence just blossomed. Our youngest child, as with a lot of children, was quite shy, had separation anxiety and was wary of leaving my side. The Little Gym instructors were brilliantly supportive. I was so impressed with how they were able to ease him quickly into participating in the class. He had taken plenty of other classes – tennis, football, music and more – but not a single one tapped into him as a unique individual like The Little Gym did. It really helped my little man blossom into the confident, self-assured boy he is today.


The gym was so welcoming, and the staff so warm and friendly that it became, in a way, an extension of our family. It was a wonderful thing to become part of the gym family, meet new people, make friends, and have a new social hub.

After experiencing The Little Gym, we thought ‘Wow, wouldn’t it be great to give other families and children this experience’. We had owned our own business in South Africa, and thought ‘Let’s do it!’. And so began our journey as owners of The Little Gym Cobham.


At The Little Gym Cobham, we really care about delivering a five star experience for the whole family. We want to build the confidence of our young members while developing transferable skills that can equip them for all areas of life – whether it be other sports, drama, learning to listen and take instructions at school, or share and work in teams. We want to enhance these skills through their whole journey from pushchair to nursery, nursery to primary school, and primary school to secondary school. But we have one rule – it must be fun!!


We are excited to provide a warm, welcoming environment where parents can chill out, Mums and Dads can meet up, have a coffee and make new friends – all while their children learn and laugh.


Next time you come in, let us know how you like your coffee… and feel free to see if we remember next time!


See you in the gym soon.




Glynis Sutherland is currently not instructing any classes.