Backtuck Beach...

Back Tuck Beach 00
We're eager to pursue backtucks this week! Whether you're an experienced gymnast or a brand new beginner, please join us for our afternoon camps for 5-12 year olds - Mondays to Fridays every week. We will ensure that our instructors cater to your child's current ability level and we will ensure that we grow your child's skills to the next level. If you are keen to take advantage of our unlimited skill growth package, please call 07541 636 665 to book now!

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Bee Best Frozen Yogurt 00
Winner of 9 Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards and Best Frozen Yogurt in the UK - The new frozen yoghurt and smoothie machine, on trial at The Little Gym Cobham, is proving popular. So, if you would like to purchase any while your children are at camp please kindly let us know, by purchasing in advance, so we can serve them up as a snack. during camp. They are now £3 per item. If you have any other feedback please do let us know. Thanks so much!

Summer Class Timetable

Summer class Timetable 00
Join us for Birds and Beasts classes every Friday and Saturday - or classes for ALL age groups on Saturdays! Please check our schedules for classes as times differ in summer. Bring a brand new friend to the gym and you will be entitled to a free t-shirt. Please let our team know of your friend's details in advance of the visit, so we are prepared!!!

Legends, Fables & Fantasy Camps from 7th to 11th August this summer 2017

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Join our lovely new team members - Olivia and Sochi - along with our team to enjoy Super Quest morning camps from Monday to Friday every week. This week, from 7th to 11th August, we are going to explore legends, fables, folklore and the morals behind them - including Jack & the Beanstalk, Missy the Mouse, Cinderella, Robin Hood, Dancing Dragon, The Engine That Could, The Tortoise and the Hare, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and more. Book now to secure your place! Ask us about our new camps packages!