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The Little Gym of Cobham offers progressively structured classes and a positive learning environment to create opportunities for your child to try new things and build self-confidence, all with a grin that stretches from ear to ear. Our trained instructors nurture happy, confident kids through a range of classes like parent/child classes and gymnastics, plus fun extras like parties, camps and more.


ownerGlynis Sutherland


Seven years ago, I began searching for an activity that would engage my eldest son, Scott, a super active and energetic child. A school friend had worked in the Netherlands and recommended a brilliant programme run by The Little Gym. She was glowing when she talked about the way her children progressed swiftly as gymnasts with the support of amazing, dynamic coaches. It sounded brilliant! We were thrilled to find a The Little Gym close to home and arranged an introductory appointment for our two boys, Robin (3) and Scott (5).

We were “wowed” as soon as we walked through the door. The staff eagerly awaited us and welcomed us by name. They guided the children into their classes and paid them great personal attention. The children had an incredible time, while we had a cup of coffee and enjoyed witnessing them learning so quickly!

The Little Gym’s curriculum struck me, especially its complex, sophisticated structure and its smooth execution. The boys weren’t just learning gymnastics, they were learning how to follow instructions, how to listen, how to work in a team and even how to count. We noticed a difference almost immediately and our kids were more engaged, listened better, and they were physically stronger. Their teachers noticed it too. The children’s confidence just blossomed.

Robin, was extremely shy, had separation anxiety and was wary of leaving my side. The Little Gym instructors were brilliantly supportive. I was so impressed with how they were able to ease him quickly into participating in the class. The Little Gym really helped him blossom into the confident, self-assured child he is today.

The gym was so welcoming, and it became - what felt like - an extension of our family. After experiencing The Little Gym, we thought “Wow, wouldn’t it be great to give other families and children this experience?”

Before I had time to blink I was searching for a gym within the “Cobham Territory”. The search took nearly 4 years, but I eventually found an ideal site at the Silverglade Business Park. It was a safe, aesthetically pleasing, well maintained venue with plenty of parking right outside. Although a 5-minute drive from Oxshott and Epsom, it was only 10-15 minutes from Cobham.

The Little Gym Cobham has a key goal – we really care about delivering a 5-star experience for the whole family - to build the confidence of our young members, while developing transferable gymnastic skills to enhance their performance in other areas of life – in all other sports, drama, listening, in class, taking instructions at school, sharing and working in teams. We want to enhance these skills through their whole journey from pushchair to nursery, nursery to primary school, and primary school to secondary school. But we have one rule: it must be fun!!

We are excited to provide a warm, welcoming environment where adults can relax, enjoy a coffee and make new friends; all while witnessing their children grow their skills and have fun! Next time you come in, let us know how you like your coffee and feel free to see if we remember…

Come and meet our friendly team.  We look forward to seeing you in the gym soon!


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Our Philosophy of

Three Dimensional Learning


At The Little Gym, our environment is fun, but our purpose is serious. That’s why we embrace a proprietary philosophy called Three-Dimensional Learning, in which physical activity is a conduit for nurturing your whole child. The Three-Dimensional Learning approach to skill development means that every class we offer fosters growth in three holistic dimensions—Brain Boost!, Get Moving! and Life Skills! Read on to see how each dimension of learning helps your child grow into a well-rounded, well-adjusted child.


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getMovingGet Moving!


Developing flexibility, strength, balance and coordination through varied physical activities.



brainBoostBrain Boost


Nurturing listening skills, concentration and decision-making that benefit your child well beyond the gym.



lifeSkillsLife Skills


Promoting sharing, teamwork, cooperation and leadership through spending time with friends and peers.



40 years of


An innovative educator, musician and kinesiologist, Robin Wes envisioned a nurturing place where children could explore their physical development while also growing socially, emotionally and intellectually. He opened the first The Little Gym in 1976 in Bellevue, Washington and infused those early classes with the same positive, non-competitive spirit that characterises us today. Forty years later, children in more than 300 locations worldwide experience the Serious Fun of The Little Gym.



The Little Gym

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The Little Gym concept is born as Robin Wes opens his first gym


The Little Gym begins franchising


Over 300 locations in 25 countries


Expansion reaches six continents with European locations in 12 countries




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