Stay Healthy during Autumn :)

We are in the full swing of the wonderful Autumn period. Winter is just around the corner and that means we need to boost not just our own but also our children's immune systems. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep us all healthy throughout the coming months. 

Tip 1: Getting enough Zzz's
It's common knowledge that well-rested children are less likely to fall ill. Lack of sleep can disrupt the function of white blood cells, which play an important role in helping fight off infections.

Tip 2: Washing hands
Keeping our hands clean and away from our face to prevents spreading any bacteria that we have on our hands into our mouths. However, sometimes it might be tricky to make sure that children are actually washing their hands properly. 
A nice and fun way to help children with washing hands properly is to have them sing a song or nursery rhyme whilst they are washing their hands. Click here for some fun examples.

Tip 3: Good food 
Serve a variety of fruits, veggies, whole grains, dairy products, and other nutritious foods. Children older than 1 year needs 15 micrograms of Vitamin D a day to decrease the risk of many illnesses, including a cold and flu. 
Serve a variety of fruit, veggies, whole grains, dairy products, and other nutritious foods. The recommended daily intake for children older than 1 year is 15 micrograms of Vitamin D.  This can decrease the risk of many illnesses, including a colds and flu. 

Tip 4: Be active every day
Studies indicate that regular, moderate exercise can reduce (the number of) cold and flu episodes that occur over the course of a year by 25-50%, possibly by boosting the circulation of infection-fighting cells. "Exercise is better than any advertised cure or miracle," says Harley A. Rotbart, M.D., Parents advisor and author of "Germ Proof Your Kids: the Complete Guide to Protecting (Without Overprotecting) Your Family from Infections".  

Tip 5: Open your windows
The air we breathe can have a profound effect on our mood and cognitive abilities, so it is important to keep it clean. Sometimes the air in our homes can be even more polluted than the air outside. Gigi Lee Chang, former CEO of Healthy Child, Healthy World, recommends opening windows using vents, and having indoor plants in the home to help clean and circulate the air.   

Follow this link to learn more about some cold and flu myths

Stay active and happy during this Autumn and Winter.  


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