familysmall_copy2Glynis Sutherland


My husband and I first discovered The Little Gym in the Westfield Mall with our youngsters nearly a decade ago. We dreamed of how amazing it would be to have one near our home in Esher.  Coincidentally our youngest son, an August baby had just turned 4 in reception and was an extremely shy child who struggled to look adults in the eye. A school mum noticed how he and I were facing the challenge of separation anxiety and she recommended The Little Gym – a confidence building, child development, gymnastics programme. 

We started classes and instantly witnessed the benefits.  Our boys were becoming physically stronger and were performing to audiences whilst their confidence just blossomed. They weren’t just learning gymnastics, they were learning how to follow instructions, how to listen, how to work in a team and even how to count.

Within a few months we embarked on opening our own Little Gym!  It was a super adventure.  The children loved mastering front flips, back handsprings, cartwheels etc in a fun non-competitive environment. I was keen to perpetuate what I’d learned as a child through acrobatics and was excited about the prospect of delivering classes in a premium facility. 

In our gym, we want each child to feel loved and valued, building their self-esteem and confidence on a personal level. We help to build their bodies and brains, as well as their social and emotional skills. This way we help them build a foundation of skills that will last a life time.

We have a carefully selected team of experts who are passionate about realising the potential of each child by harnessing their inner talent and, although, we offer a non-competitive approach to teaching gymnastics, many of our instructors have competed and succeeded on the world stage!

Glynis Sutherland
Owner – The Little Gym Cobham